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It is a survival, adventure and action game set in a living and challenging open world. Experience the legendary journey of David, who suddenly woke up on an unknown beach surrounded by a forest full of mysteries and threats. He will need to explore and fight to regain his normal life.

Lost In Failures is an action, survival and adventure game set in a living, rich and challenging open world. In the work you control David, a character who had a normal life, but suddenly woke up on an unknown beach surrounded by a dense forest.

The region has many mysteries and enemies that will do whatever is necessary to kill you. His goal is to regain his normal life, for that, he will need to understand what is happening to the world around him, explore and fight with all his might.

The game world allows you to craft items and equipment, upgrade your character's skills, hunt different species of wild animals, explore caves and structures, invade enemy occupations, and much more.

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