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Help Me Now - Definitive Edition is the biggest free update developed for the classic suspense. This new version of the product aims to provide a more realistic, immersive and complete experience, through various graphic, technical and gameplay enhancements. The update makes the game much more alive and introduces an extraordinary level of detail to the scenarios and characters. Check out the contents of the update below!

Graphical improvements:

  • High quality of 3D models (Presence of more polygons);

  • Textures in high resolution (4K - 4096x4096);

  • Reworked lighting (Intensity, range and color ation of light sources were changed);

  • Reworked shadows (Intensity, position and resolution of them were changed);

  • More abundant particles (Quantity and position of the same were altered);

  • High resolution reflexes and more present;

  • Color tone were modified;

  • The rendering distance has been increased.

Gameplay improvements:

  • Implementation of the Save/Load system;

  • Artificial intelligence of the enemies have been redone;

  • The difficulty was adjusted;

  • The voice acting of the characters were redone;

  • Interface and reworked texts.

Technical improvements:

  • The times spent on the loading screens were significantly decreased;

  • Game optimization has been improved;

  • Quality options (Very high, High, Medium, Low, Very Low) have been modified for more performance and quality;

  • The bugs present in the previous version have been fixed.

Comparative images:

These are the main improvements, however there are many others. The Definitive Edition version will be available from the date of publication of this announcement. Update the game to enjoy the best experience!

Sincerely, Light Station Developer team.


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